Hi Levena, This has come back from P&O cruises. Here is Levena’s feedback from A422, we aim for our Entertainers to get 80 or above: Levina Johnson As Whitney Houston 89.6 (2nd Highest Scoring Act) Levina has an exceptional voice, she received two standing ovations on her first show. Her patter was developing all throughout her time onboard. I think Levina could potentially be a huge asset to us. I have advised her to work on getting more charts together to supply her own shows. I would recommend Levina for her Whitney tribute. And I would also recommend her for her own show in the Playhouse or Malabar with her utilising her 2nd show as a Whitney tribute And in future if she gets the right set, she would be fantastic as a party set, up on top deck. I believe Levina with guidance and advice will develop into an extremely popular and versatile act. Please book more. Highly Recommended Benne Bennison Cruise Director (Azura)


Rating 6/6 : Brilliant Fantastic Jolly Coopers, Wardhedges on Sat 17th Jun 2017 Saw Levena for the first time last night. Very talented Lady!!! Sung plenty of varied songs. Not to be be missed!!!!!!!! Sun 18th Jun 2017





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